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Lines 1 & 2 Caracas' Subway - Venezuela

Categories: public infrastructure

Location:Caracas - Venezuela
Product:Air Conditioning, Chilled Water, Air Distribution and Ventilation Systems.
Markets:Subways and Tunnels
Services:Engineering & Equipment Selection, Manufacturing Resources, Logistics, Post Sale Services

Revamping of the HVAC District Cooling and local systems providing service to the different stations part of lines 1 and 2 of Caracas' Subway. This process involved on-site data collection, project development, engineering, equipment selection, supply and startup of air conditioning system totaling 8,880 tons of Cooling. Units supplied were the chillers and condensation pumps, hydronic accessories, heat transfer coils and fans for the main air handler units for subway stations, including spare parts  and cooling towers upgrade. Caracas Subway. Caracas -Venezuela. 

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